Speed up rendering in 3dsmax

Posted on August 11, 2017

Speed up rendering in 3dsmax   1 – Use a proxy object for a car, tree, people, furniture and etc. 2 – When you send a render, change a view port display to Bounding Box. 3 – Try to avoid using ‘Force 2-Sided’ option under Render Setting > Common > Options. 4 – Lower samples. Try Min – 1 and [&hellip

3DS Max, A Fantastic Program Used By Many Professionals

Posted on December 6, 2016

There are many plug-ins for 3DS Max that can create a wide variety of images one of which is a plug-in called GrowFX, which creates fantastic plants and foliage for use within your projects. Whilst many people know that CGI is often used to create various effects and explosions, a use of CG that many people don’t think of is [&hellip

V-Ray, The Light That Makes Game Of Thrones Shine!

Posted on December 5, 2016

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television shows of the modern age; Sky have even reported that it is their most watched series with over 5 million viewers. The incredible driving force that is Game of Thrones is fuelled by incredible drama, storytelling, characters, music and visuals, many of which are created using the incredible CGI tool [&hellip


Is a Render Farm worth the Money?

Posted on November 13, 2015

Is a Render Farm worth the Money? There is a common interpretation that cheap product usually means lower quality. But there are lots of products out there that are both cheap and with high quality. The render farm software is quality software that has numerous intelligent features, so it is well worth the money you spend on it. Render farm [&hellip


Top Users for Render Farm Services

Posted on October 28, 2015

Top Uses for Render Farm Services Render farm services are one of the most advanced and important technologies that can be found on the market. You have probably heard already about the term rendering farm or render services, but you still want to know something more detailed about this kind of services. If you are not aware about these terms [&hellip


10 Money Saving Tips for Buying Render Services

Posted on October 26, 2015

10 Money Saving Tips for Buying Render Services Today we are living in an age where we must work hard in order to bring down different costs. When it comes to technology, render farm and cloud computing have their positive and negative aspects. However, render services are much cheaper than other traditional technologies used by the multimedia artists. Initial costs [&hellip


How does a render farm work?

Posted on October 12, 2015

How does a render farm work? 3D video renderings and animations need a lot of rendering time and you will not be able to do it with the computer in your home. In other words, 3D renderings can take several hours or days of processing with just one computer. Therefore, you will need to seek the assistance of a powerful [&hellip

Render Company, UK Render Farm

Quick and Easy Rendering with Services from a Render company

Posted on October 8, 2015

Quick and Easy Rendering with Services from a Render Company With continuous innovation in technology and various supercomputers being sold all around the world, you would think that rendering would be so much faster than it used to be. However, even with this current technology we are blessed with, rendering could still take hours or even an entire day or [&hellip


An introduction to Render Farms

Posted on September 25, 2015

An introduction to Render Farms Farm is a term that is used to describe a space used for grouping animals. But, in these modern days when everything around us is changing the meaning of certain words including farm are changing. So, a render farm is actually a dedicated computer cluster. This cluster is used to render or generate CGI (Computer [&hellip


Maya Render farm 2016 new features.

Posted on September 10, 2015

Maya Render farm 2016 new features. Autodesk New Maya 2016 tutorials and features See what’s new in Maya® 2016 software. New features, performance improvements and artist-friendly tools greatly enhance the entire Maya experience. In addition to an all-new look and feel, Maya 2016 uses more computer resources to help accelerate animation performance. Dynamics & effects Adaptive foam in Bifrost Add [&hellip

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