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5 Simple steps to rendering your project with our cloud based rendering farm

If you require a quick estimated quote before uploading your files, please use our online quote calculator here


Upload Files

Upload Files, Cloud

Upload files to contact@rendernow.co.uk using a file share site like www.wetransfer.com, dropbox or FTP.


Check Test Renders

Test Renders

Files will be checked for issues and loaded onto the farm for cost and time estimations, we will then send back a few test frames throughout the sequence for checking.


Start Rendering

Start Rendering

After the time, cost and test frames have been OK’d, We will start rendering your files.


Make Payment

Make Payments

Once 20% of your project has been rendered, we can produce an accurate cost and send the invoice for payment.


Download Files

Download files, Cloud

When payment has been received, we can start uploading your rendered files.

The Cloud Render Farm Process in more detail

1) Uploading your files to RenderNow

Typically we require the scene file and its assets/textures.
Please compress everything into a single zip and go to www.wetransfer.com or use another file share site of your choice like DropBox Google Drive or Mail Big File to send your files to RenderNow (contact@rendernow.co.uk) If you are new to sending files or having issues please contact us through email or on the Lets Chat function and we will do everything we can to help.
If required we do have a secure FTP to transfer huge amounts of data 10GB to 100GB+

2) Checking Test Renders

Once we have received your files we will check for any errors missing textures or plug-in issues and discuss our options.
Once everything has passed will then upload your file to the farm for frame checking.
Single images will be done with a low-resolution image and for animations, this will be a selection of frames throughout the sequence.
We will then send through watermarked versions for you to check, this will follow with an ETA and estimated cost.

3) Start Rendering

Once you have given us the OK on the test frames and the estimated cost we can start rendering your project.

4) Make Payment

Once we have rendered 30% of your files we can start generating a quote for the renders, you will then receive a PayPal email which will contain information on how to pay using Credit/Debit Card PayPal or Bank Transfer.

5) Download Files

Once payment has been made we can start uploading your files for downloading.
We can organize a few different method for downloading files usually we just send you a download link, but if it makes it easier we can link up to your Google drive or DropBox to sync the renders as they render off.

If you have any further questions on the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Many people understand the basics of a CLOUD. It allows them to access and store files somewhere other than their personal computer. This is where the general public’s knowledge of a CLOUD usually ends. However, this is not all a cloud can be used for. A cloud is a network of servers. Some of which enable the user to access a service, like the ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD, allowing them the use of programs like Photoshop or Premier. Other cloud options like DROPBOX where you can store Data. CLOUD RENDERING works in a similar way as both of these. Allowing you to both upload and access a service.


The cloud helps speed up the speed of a render farm. By uploading scenes to a cloud, the render farm can then take those scenes from the cloud, renders them and delivers the end project to the user via the cloud.


Using the cloud to render your projects has a plethora of benefits:


Using the cloud to render your projects is very convenient. Whilst your project is rendering you can use your personal computer to stream a movie, play a game or talk to friends over social media. By using the cloud it frees up both your time and your computer to do whatever you like to do in your spare time.


Using a cloud based rendering service enables you to render images at speeds unobtainable by a personal computer. It can take a mid-high spec PC multiple hours to render a 10 minute 60fps video at 1080p. So a full animation project would take an enormous amount of time to render on a personal computer.


RenderNow is a UK based rendering service dedicated to reducing both the cost and time of rendering. We are determined to ensure that your project meets your deadline no matter the size.

By regularly increasing both the size and power of our services we are able to cut both the costs and the time it takes to render a project. If you are interesting in utilising the most affordably priced cloud render farm in the UK please give us a call on 01473 276180 or send us an email at contact@rendernow.co.uk. Our Cloud Rendering services are one of the best in the UK.

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