How to get cheap renders
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Optimising your scene for faster render times

Before even looking for a render farm optimising your scene for fast render times is the best way to get cheep renders. For example reducing your render times from 1 hour to 30 minutes per frame can make a massive difference,  almost halving your render costs. Here are a few common causes of high render times:

–  Resolution

–  Size of texture maps

–  Samples on textures and lights

–  Number of lights within your scene

–  High poly counts.

For tips on optimising your scene please take a look at our previous blog post ‘speed up rendering in 3dsmax’


Look for online discounts

The next thing to look for to get cheap renders is online discounts. Many render farms offer discounts throughout the year. If one is not present on their website page always ask to see if there is one running. Following their online blogs and social media accounts is a good way to receive the latest updates on discounts and other rendering offers.


Longer render deadlines

Another good thing to look out for are render farms which provide low priority options to allow clients with longer deadlines to have discounted rates. Obviously this method will require a lot of preparation.  This will also depend on the farms availability.


Multiple camera shots on single camera paths

If you have a file that requires multiple camera shots the best option is to have each view on a single camera path. The reason being most render farms will require a set up charge to load your file onto their farm. Each camera usually will have to be loaded individually which will require a charge per camera. If all your shots are on a single camera path within a frame range you will only be charged with one set up fee.

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