New Hardware From Intel
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We have just upgraded our render farm to include Intel’s new Xeon E5 v4server processors, codenamed Broadwell-EP.

The v4 processor can provide up to 22 cores, granting you a vastly superior amount of computing power compared to its predecessor the v3 which only supported up to 18 cores. The last level cache has also been expanded from 45mb to 55MB. This comparison from the previous Haswell-EP to the current Broadwell-EP will leave you awestruck.

Intel Hardware Has Lots Of Great New Features

The New v4 product family has a wide range of new features including:

  • Hardware Power Management (HWPM)
    With Broadwell we enjoy a new feature that allows hardware to make decisions about power management. This means we can save power and cut latency.
    This feature can be useful for those who want to create stronger cryptography keys. The system constantly tests the both itself and the randomly generated numbers in order to meet security goals and detect runtime failures.
  • Intel® Processor Trace
    A very interesting feature, the Processor Trace is incredibly valuable for debugging. The trick to fixing a bug is understanding the bug. The PT provides context and information around various events. The data from the PT is easy to extract and can be used by debuggers to reconstruct the code that led to the problem. Bugs happen in every system, but having a simple way to identify what went wrong is halfway to finding a fix.
  • Intel® Node Manager
    The node manager is a fantastic power management feature. The node manager will send the user information such as power and temperature and then from that the user can manage the cooling and power usage of the server.

How Does This Help The Rendering Process?

As you can probably guess, this drastically speeds up our rendering process. We are dedicated to constantly upgrading our farm in terms of size and power in order to provide you with cheaper and faster renders. This new server processor from Intel does exactly that.

Even though the hardware is different, our process has not changed. All of our features remain the same; we still support all your favourite software such as 3DSMAX and Cinema 4D, the only difference you will notice is an improved rendering experience.

RenderNow The UK’s Most Affordable Render Farm

Not only do we use high quality hardware, but our services are the most affordable in the UK. For those looking to reduce their render times and give themselves some peace of mind, give us a call. We can swiftly and affordably render your projects, if you’d like to look at some previous work rendered through our farm, you can browse through the various projects in our portfolio.

If you’re interested in rendering your projects through the UK’s most affordable render farm, call us on 01473 276180 for or visit our website for an instant quote. Also you can reach our team on twitter @RenderNow or on our Facebook Page.

Alternatively if you’d rather discuss your project via email, send our team an email at and we’ll get back at you as soon as we can.

Say goodbye to exhausting home rendering, contact us today.

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