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How does a render farm work?

3D video renderings and animations need a lot of rendering time and you will not be able to do it with the computer in your home. In other words, 3D renderings can take several hours or days of processing with just one computer. Therefore, you will need to seek the assistance of a powerful machine that is built specifically for 3D rendering. That’s where render farms come into play.

What is a render farm?

A render farm can simply be defined as a dedicated computer cluster. It will provide access of visuals from and to the registered machines that are located within the cluster. This cluster has the potential to render or generate CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), which is an important process that is associated with producing imagery for film and television specific visuals.
How does a render farm work?
All the computers that are associated in the cluster of a render farm involve in video rendering. The dimension of it is tapped in off-line batch processing. A video consists of thousands of frames and each of these frames are independently calculated by machines in the cluster. Since these machines are connected with each other, the processing stage is much efficient and you will be able to render a video within a short period of time. In other words, each node in the cluster is assigned with a specific unique task and all these nodes work in parallel. At the end of computation process, the outputs given by all the nodes are combined together in order to deliver the final output, which is a rendered video.
Usually, a render node can be defined as a dumb calculating device. It just performs the task that is assigned to it. A main computer is located within the cluster, which distributes unique tasks among these nodes. This is done with the assistance of a specific application named Render Management Software.
The main computer determines the specific task that is allocated to the nodes. It can be a full image, a sequence of images or a layer of the image. It performs the allocation without human supervision. Therefore, it is intelligent enough to get the job done after analyzing the processing capacity of each node and its current networking status. When a render node finalizes its given task, the central processor will assign a new task to it and keep it busy.
If you need to render a video, it is better to seek the assistance of a render farm because of its efficiency. You can simply outsource your rendering work and get it done at a very low price without any hassle.

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