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Have you seen the latest movie in the DC cinematic universe, Suicide Squad? Warning there may be spoilers. The special effects are fantastic; the amount of intense special effects and flashbacks in that movie is crazy. What’s even crazier is the size of the render farm that it must have taken to render such a film.

Now, the film does have a metacritic score of 40 with a whopping 16 negative reviews, 26 neutral and only 11 positive. However, most of the criticism is directed towards issues with the story and choices of direction. Many fans wanted the film to be much darker than it was, especially after seeing Batman V Superman and Man of Steel, the actual shooting of the film and the visual effects are marvellous, just look at this image of El Diablo. The images from the enchantress’ magic was equally impressive but also offered some mystery, all in all the special effects were very well crafted by very talented people.

There’s Loads Of CGI In Today’s Films

Often you’ll hear the complaint that there’s ‘too much CGI’ in 21st century movies, but with the time and effort put in to render such works of art, it feels a little unfair to tar all computer generated visual images with the same brush. To quote Rocket Jump Film School, “the only reason CG looks bad, is because we only see bad CG”. If you take a second look at most films you’ve watched the past year, you’ll have looked at CGI and not even noticed it.

So when we look at the Suicide Squad crew you really get a feel for the size of the project. So many people were involved in the creation of this movie. So many artists and editors spending massive amounts of time to make sure that each frame is finished looking great.

Render Farms? What Role Do They Play?

Anyone who has made any short films as a hobby knows just how long the render process can take. A simple 10 minute film can take multiple hours on a mid-spec computer. Sure a film produced by a company the size of Warner Bros will be able to use far more powerful computers than the average hobbyists, however the size of a feature length film and the vast amount of visual effects mean that this is a task that no single computer can complete alone.

Each individual frame needs to be rendered to ensure seamless integration. The computer generated images need to sit perfectly with the captured footage and this requires extensive rendering, because the rendering process is too much for a single computer to handle it’s handled by large group of computers known as a render farm. A large group of computers all working together to render the finished product dramatically speeds up the time it takes for the project to complete.

A render farm distributes the uploaded file amongst the linked computers; each computer is then assigned a task. This way the computers share the workload and complete tasks until the project is complete, at the point, the finished project is sent to the user.

Render Farms From RenderNow

Using a render farm is very convenient, why use your own computer when our render farms can do the work faster?

RenderNow is a UK based render farm service; we regularly increase the size of our farm, both in power and size in order to reduce both the cost and the time it takes to render projects. If you’re interested in using the most affordably priced render farm in the UK then please give us a call on 01473 276180 or send us an email at contact@rendernow.co.uk.

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