The 2016 V-Ray Show Reel Is Breathtaking
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V-Ray rendering software.  Have you seen the 2016 show reel for V-Ray? It is absolutely breathtaking.

With V-Ray Rendering Software You Can Do Anything

After watching the show reel, you can’t help but marvel at the incredible things artists have achieved with V-Ray rendering software. From comical moments of Lego Star Wars, to the breathtaking visual of the Dothraki Horde in Game of Thrones.

V-ray is a powerful tool used by 3D artists from various crafts, from videogames to animations to CG in film and television; in this show reel we can see numerous popular titles like Bethesda’s Fallout4 and the title developed by Ubisoft named For Honor that released a trailer this year at E3, which will be available February 2017.

So What Does This Tell Us?

If you’re interested in getting involved with CG, animation or 3D design, then get started. We are currently living in a golden age of computer generated images. They are often so good people don’t notice them. Subtle things like the waves in titanic, to the complex visual effects in Star Wars. Inspiration is everywhere, take advantage of the available opportunities and create something wonderful.

Sounds Great, But Where Do I Start 

At the beginning. There are loads of tutorials online for V-Ray. You’ll have to start small, but fear not; with time, patience and dedication, you’ll soon be sending masterpieces to render.

A great place to start is YouTube. Whilst subreddits can be an excellent source of information, they sometimes use a lot of jargon which can confuse beginners. If you start with YouTube and learn from artists there, and then move on to subreddits and forums when you’re ready to create some original designs.

For those of you looking to get a head start on your journey to becoming a 3D artist, here are three tips to help you on the journey ahead.

  • Take It Easy, Don’t Rush
    It isn’t the most entertaining piece of advice, but life isn’t a video game. You can’t enter a cheat code and master a skill instantly. Mastering a skill takes time, a lot of time; Malcolm Galdwell discussed how it takes around 10,000 hours or around 10 years to become skilled at something.Don’t let that put you off though; you can still create something incredible during your time ‘learning’. If you put passion, dedication and hard work into your art, you will produce some great work.
  • Keep Updated
    Keep up to date on the latest information on all the software you’re currently using. That way you can take advantage of any updates and innovations in technology as soon as they’re available. Mastering a skill takes a lot of time and you want to make sure you have as large of an edge as possible.
  • Learn It Right
    It can often feel annoying to have to do things ‘the proper way’ when ‘nobody would notice’ if you didn’t do everything correctly. However, just think, if you slip into a bad habit now, you will eventually have to unlearn that bad habit, and then learn the skill correctly. It would be far simpler to just put in the hard work now and learn the skill correctly in the first place.

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