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Upload your files to a render farm and you can usually have the rendered frames back the same day you submitted them. There is no messing about and with the use of experience professionals that deal with similar projects day in day out it’s a very safe environment when deadlines are looming.

Using a render farm will solve these issues.

– You have finished modelling texturing and lighting and you realise the render time is way over you deadline date.
– Rendering animations that take months on the 2-3 computers you have.
– Your client is demanding to see the latest update but your computer isn’t fast enough.
– You need to use your computer for other work as well as render the final stages of another project out.
– While rendering a computer uses 100% CPU power which will increases the speed of your fans this can cause noise issues in a working/ sleeping environment.

Handy tip

If your client needs a quick turnaround time make sure you budget for render costs or tell you clients that render charges are on top of the 3d work.

The process of using a render farm like RenderNow is very simple and straight forward.

Step 1 Gathering your files

This will be done in different across the types of software software, majority of the software will have a system to collect the files into 1 location including main file with all usable assets.

Step 2 Uploading your files

This can be done by uploading your files through our ftp site or by using a file share site like we transfer or drop box.
You can also manually send the files using a hard drive or DVD if the files are too big or take too long to upload.

Step 3 Checking test frames and cost from the RenderNow render farm

Once we receive your files we can then test for any errors or missing assets if everything is correct we will load the files onto the render farm for testing, once we receive a few frames through out your file these can be sent back to you for checking.
You will then check for any errors or artifacts if everything is correct we can check the estimated cost with you.

Step 4 We hit the big render button

The rendering starts and estimated times are checked with your deadline.

Step 5 Make payment

We will get a cost from your file at 30% through the file and send through the invoice with payment methods.

Step 6 Download the files

This can be done in reverse to the uploading of files by using an FTP, file share site or DVD/Hard drive.

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